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Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – The Beauteous Model-Actor – 6th Nov

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about a beauteous model-actor, who has undergone a few age defying surgeries.

She is easily one of the hottest women in Bollywood. Men can’t help but ogle at her. She dresses seductively, always showing ample amounts of skin to titillate men. Clothes are a personal choice & how much skin a lady shows is her prerogative. But when you cheat on your husband, with his sister’s 20 something BF you can’t expect people to speak highly of you(click here to read more).

Her husband took her back despite knowing she cheated on him. Her husband’s superstar brother passed a diktat that she & her lover have to stop hooking up. This led to the beauteous model-actor to get drunk & stand outside her lover’s house begging him to take her back. Her lover then called her husband & asked him to take her home. How we pity her husband. While her lover initially resisted her advances for the sake of his career, he finally gave in after rumors of her dating a Dubai based businessman started surfacing.

While they used to date on the sly earlier, they have been making public appearances together off late. It is safer to be seen together now, especially since she has divorced her husband. Her ex-husband too has found love in a model. While it may be exciting for the beauteous model-actor & her lover now, it remains to be seen how long their affair lasts. If his contemporaries who appear as guests on a popular chat show are to be believed, he hooks up a lot. She on the other hand had no qualms cheating on her husband of several years, despite having a kid together. Her husband stood by her side, despite his family not being fond of her thanks to her seductive dressing & item numbers. Look what he got in return!

Blind Item

THE beauteous model and actor, currently in the news for her romance with a young star, is looking better and better, as she adds on the years. Of course, we know how some celebrities defy age — and it has very little to do with spinach smoothies, wheatgrass shots and ashtanga yoga. It’s well known that the beauty has sculpted her face, but now, we hear, she has removed a pair of ribs, too. And the result is a tiny waistline. Well, as we always say, beauty is effort.

Our Guess

Beauteous Model-Actor: Malaika Arora
Young Star: Arjun Kapoor


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