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Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – The Mistress – 25th April

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about a superstar’s mistress
Several articles have been published about their extra marital affair(click here to read the other articles). While several thought that this young actor is just a passing phase, looks like the superstar is quite serious about her. Him paying for her expenses is testament to that. While several middle clas citizens have pay through their skin to afford the sky rocketing rent, this lady definitely is very lucky. It doesn’t hurt to be a rich man’s mistress. That explains why so many actors choose to be mistresses of rich filmmakers or industrialists. Whether they are able to live with themselves is anybody’s guess.

There are rumors that an ex-Miss Universe is the mistress of the brother of country’s richest man. He is a billionaire himself. He is married to another ex-actor. His family was dead against the marriage. He has now learnt to rent things instead of buying them!

Blind Item
THIS leading film star seems to be quite smitten by the mistress of his heart — also his co-star in a couple of films. We hear he is renting her a flat in Khar, a hop, skip and pussyfoot away from his own residence. Actually, he is renting her two flats in the said Khar building; one for her parents and one for his lady-love, and he has been paying Rs 60,000 per flat. It isn’t too much for this blockbuster king. And it’s probably making him happy to help a co-star get on her feet sooner or later.

Our Guess
Film Star: Aamir Khan Khan
Mistress: Fatima Sana Shaikh

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