Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Tough Call – 15th March

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about a young actress who had to make a tough call between a bollywood filmmaker & a south indian filmmaker.

This is the second blind item planted this week by GayJo. How do we know it is fake? Because this young actress is not dating the actor mentioned in the blind item(click here to read more). It is just a PR stunt. It does get a bit annoying when one out of every three blind items are planted by this filmmaker. But thanks to these blind items, we do get to know some juicy details.

This young actress is living a dream. Now that both her her films are hits, she can pick and choose projects. It does certainly help that her parents are highly influential. She can easily survive for 10 years+ doing roles in hero driven movies. Can she shine in women oriented roles? Only time will tell!

But then there is another actress who fits the bill. She is dating a young heartthrob is known to be a casanova – again a PR gimmick!

Blind Item

THE young actress has been in a fix for the past few months. While we can hardly comment on her choice of paramour, this time her confoundment was purely professional. The busy lady, with barely any dates on hand, had to take a tough call between one of Bollywood’s leading filmmakers and one of southern cinema’s leading directors. We hear her father wanted her to stay with the Bollywood auteur as he is on the dream list of every actor in the business. But her mentor advised her to sign with the southern director. Lucky for her, both situations were a win.

Our Guess

Young Actress: Sara Ali Khan
Paramour: Sushant Singh Rajput


Young Actress: Alia Bhatt
Paramour: Ranbir Kapoor
South Indian Director: Rajamouli – RRR Movie


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