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Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Troublesome Actor – 13th March

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about a young actress who has been advised to stay away from her troublesome actor BF.

One might be forgiven to think that this blind item is about the genuine romance between two debutantes. But sadly this is a fake blind item planted by a filmmaker. The very filmmaker who has an annoying habit of planting fake stories of all his actors(click here to read more). He did not even spare the daughter-in-law of a megastar. When his previous directorial was up for release, he planted stories of the daughter-in-law hooking up with the young heartthrob. This apparently made the megastar’s family livid, but they chose not create an issue owing to the filmmaker’s clout.

Meanwhile we wonder what is up with the troublesome actor. His latest movie was a giant dud. His ex’s movie released on the same day & went on to become a hit. Ouch! But we think he deserves it. He cheated on his ex several times & even physically abused her. He maybe a good actor, but is not a decent person. While he may have donated crores to charity, his attitude towards women is a downer. it doesn’t help that he has been drinking heavily off late(click here to read more).

Blind Item

EVEN though they managed to stay under the radar for their first film together, these two love birds have barely managed to escape our eye. We hear that the young actors are still in touch, months after their film released, and are meeting rather discreetly so. They were expected to attend a film party, but it seems the young lady’s team advised her against it. Focus on work and keep your private life private, is what they said to her. Keep away from this troublesome one, is what they meant actually.

Our Guess

Young Lady: Sara Ali Khan
Troublesome Actor: Sushant Singh Rajput


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