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Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Trouble In Marriage – 24th Oct

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about trouble brewing in a Bollywood actor’s marriage.

We were wondering why this actor cum fashionista went missing from social media. Some alluded it to the #MeToo movement & how her family members may be one of those who could get called out. One source informed us that her dad does look at women lustily, which makes women very uncomfortable around him. But he has a squeaky clean image.

But turns out her millionaire husband is quite the philanderer. Just like other wives of millionaires, she too will put up with it. After all how many can walk away from an inheritance worth 2000 crores? She & her family probably felt insecure owing to the husband’s wealth. That explains why they went overboard spending on the marriage & had it sponsored by brands!(click here to read more)

Blind Item

WE have to admit we are surprised to hear whispers of trouble in the marriage of a recent Bolly-bride. The beautiful girl and her long-time beau have only just gotten married, but rumours of his philandering have surfaced. We hear the couple have been fighting over ‘an incident’. They are trying to work it out amicably, and willing to write it off as a one-off misstep. Yes, we’re waiting and we’re watching.

Our Guess

Bolly-Bride: Sonam Kapoor


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