Blind Item(Pinkvilla) – Age Difference – 21st Feb

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Pinkvilla has published a blind item about a female star who quit a movie, owing to age difference with the male star.

It was really stupid of this female star to walk out of what seems like a sure shot winner. The male star’s movies never flop. Plus, the director has a good track record of delivering hit movies with dance as a backdrop. After all he was a choreographer himself. She must have definitely quit on her sugar daddy’s insistence. After her BF – a young heartthrob dumped her, it was her mentor cum ex-BF who helped her out. Not only did he gives her plum acting jobs, he also bought a flat for her. He was also the one who made her the star that she is today.

Her mentor cum ex-BF, had a huge fallout with the director of the upcoming movie. They had creative differences on the sets of their movie together. The mentor is annoyed with the director & is in no mood to forgive(click here to read more). He must have asked his mentee to opt out of the movie to settle scores with the director.

Blind Item

It has been almost over a year since this film was announced with a gorgeous leading lady and a relatively young star in the lead. Though there was no official announcement made by the team, the lead actor had once mentioned about this actress being his co-star. Naturally, the fans of both the stars were excited to see them together, since it was an oven-fresh pair that one would have got to see on the big screen.

However, things never happen as expected. Last month, media was abuzz with the reports of this pretty actress walking out of the project last moment. The rumours got confirmed when the handsome actor of the much awaited film announced his new leading lady.

Interestingly, the reason cited by the actress was date issues. However, a little birdie close to the actress revealed to us the real reason behind her walk out. It seems, the beautiful actress wasn’t happy with the way she looked opposite this young lad during their few media appearances together. Despite being skeptical about it, she went ahead for the said film’s photoshoot. But she wasn’t happy with the final product.

Not just that, but one of her ‘close friend’ also felt that she looked ‘more matured’ as compared to the film’s actor, making her look slightly older. The good friend frankly said that he ‘didn’t like their pair that looks stale’. There was no way that she would have ignored his advice and opinion. She immediately called up the director and told him that she wouldn’t be doing the movie.

Naturally, both the director and the movie’s actor were surprised.

Our Guess

Leading Lady: Katrina Kaif
Lead Actor: Varun Dhawan


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