Blind Item(Pinkvilla) – Daddy Dearest – 29th May

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Pinkvilla has published a blind item about an upcoming actor’s career which was getting jeopardized due to her mom’s interference. But is now safe thanks to daddy dearest.

He is of royal lineage. His mother is also an accomplished actor. But when he started his career in Bollywood more than two decades back, it didn’t really take off. He was always the supporting actor in movies shouldered by big stars. But thanks to the goodwill enjoyed by his much older wife – who is also an accomplished actor herself, he landed good roles. Two roles which the actor got thanks to his wife launched into into the A-list. He went on to give his first solo hero hit. What followed was a series of commercial & critical acclaim in movies. In the meanwhile he dumped his wife for younger beauties. Talk about being grateful! He is now married to a Bollywood A-lister. But his career is on the wane(click here to read more)

Now the actor’s first wife is managing their daughter’s career. Despite a few hiccups we are sure she will manage her career well. Mommy might be short tempered, which leads to altercations but people know that she is good at heart.

Blind Item
Issues between this ex-couple have always made headlines for years. The duo, who has always raised questions about their compatibility with each other ever since they got hitched years back, again seem to be miffed with each other, this time over their kids.

Though the kids have been staying with this yesteryear actress and she has been the driving force behind their career, the actor father has been equally involved at every step. Be it their education or their desire to step into Bollywood, the daddy dearest has always been in loop. So when the daughter expressed her desire to work in movies, naturally, both the parents approved of it and decided to help her with the debut movie. The biggest director of Bollywood agreed to launch this young girl and everything was good. However, like they say, old habits die hard.

The way this actress took the calls for her then husband’s career, she did the same with her daughter. Of course, this was out of concern. But it surely backfired. The movie that initially was going to happen for the young girl didn’t work out and the mommy dearest had a slight tiff with the Director-producer and made her daughter walk out of the movie. Within days, the young girl had a new movie in her kitty. While the actress was happy and proud, the father wasn’t delighted, knowing what the young girl lost out on. He didn’t say anything though.

The film was shot, the poster was released. However, it then hit a roadblock. The film’s director and producer got embroiled in a legal tussle, leaving the future of the movie blurry. Now this got the young girl and her parents worried. That is when the actor stepped in and spoke to the director, with whom his ex-wife had fought. Given the actor’s equation with him, there was no way that he would deny casting her. And then the mommy also shed a few tears in front of him and that did the trick. A new film was offered and everything fell in place until a new issue with the previous film’s director cropped up.

A little birdie tells us that the director isn’t happy with the way this issue is shaping up. Despite running behind the schedule, he wants to release his movie first, thus making it the girl’s debut film as opposed to the other movie which is scheduled to hit the screens in the last month of the year. This director wants the credit for launching the girl and not let the other filmmaker walk away with it. Hence he has taken the legal route.

Through this entire mess, it’s this young girl who is suffering. Naturally, the daddy dearest is upset. He apparently had a tiff with his ex-wife and has asked her to not interfere now. It’s because of her that the daughter is in a messy situation and the least she can do is to not create more mess. Needless to say, the lady has agreed to stay mum. Unfortunately, in trying to do good for her baby, she has spoiled things. And her good friend, through whom she got the first film for her daughter, and who is the cousin of the film’s director, has refused to interfere!

Well, that’s Bollywood for you!

Our Guess
Ex-Couple: Amrita Singh & Saif Ali Khan
Young Girl: Sara Ali Khan
Biggest Director: Karan Johar who is co-producing Simmba, directed by Rohit Shetty & starring Ranveer Singh
Director: Abhishek Kapoor, who is directing Kedarnath starring Sushant
Director’s Cousin: Ekta Kapoor

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