Blind Item(Pinkvilla) – Faking A Relationship – 26th June

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Pinkvilla has published a blind item about an A-lister who is faking her relationship with a younger celebrity to stay in the news.

Faking relationships has been the oldest trick celebs have been playing to stay in the news. Staying in the news makes them land plum acting roles in movies. A few days back, we had posted a blind item about this A-lister’s romance with a superstar(click here to read more). She has never shied away from admitting her love for the superstar. She is one of the few women to have succeeded in seducing him. It is an open secret that the superstar swings both ways. But when it came to women he was loyal to his wife, till this actress managed to woo him.

It must have been difficult for her to part ways with him. He probably left her owing to the sizeable divorce settlement he would have had to pay his wife. This fake relationship will also manage to make her ex-BF jealous. She is killing two birds with one stone!

Blind Item
The meaning of relationships and love has changed in todays times. It is all about social media, public display of affection and show off. And when you know that being hooked up to someone will keep you relevant and get you work, then isn’t that the best way of making hay while the sun shines?

Well, that is exactly what this talented actress is doing. Known for her acting chops, this gorgeous diva has often made headlines for her relationship with a co-star. Their secret midnight meetings have always been discussed in hushed tones within the industry. While she has been quite vocal about her emotions about him since day one, the actor has always kept it low when it came to her.

Though they were unofficially dating for quite sometime, nothing came out officially about them. But those who could read between the lines, knew what was cooking. After years of being together, the tinsel town was abuzz with news of the much-in-love couple parting ways, recently. While many thought she would be heartbroken, reports of her being in love. with a new guy made headlines. However, that didn’t attract much eyeballs, until recently, when the reports of the leggy lass walking hand-in-hand with another young sensation made news. Photos of the two broke the internet and there were rumours about them being a couple. Naturally, the actress and her team were elated with the response these photos generated. And hence, last month, they met up and decided to fake this entire relationship and exaggerate it some more.

A source close to the actress told us that it is all a hype and explained the reason behind it. This is the strategy of her management team to keep her relevant in the industry. Until her superstar boyfriend was there, she was bagging some of the biggest projects of the tinsel town. Now, her stakes have been falling slightly low. To save that, the actress and her management team decided to come up with this strategy. Reports about her fake relationship were planted and pictures of them attending social events were made viral. Needless to say, they were picked up by all publications globally, making her the talk of the town. To add fuel to the fire, the actress was also seen spending some cozy time with her young boyfriend and his family. The two lovebirds recently also made a splash in the city with the paparazzi, and then were seen getting lovey-dovey at the actress’ apartment. A quick social do with the family, followed by a vacation at the party capital of the country has definitely set the tongues wagging.

But unfortunately, its all fake, insists our source, “It is a strategy to hype her stakes. She needs eyeballs to get work and getting linked with a celebrity is the best way for it. She has been flooded with a few offers already and soon there would be a quote from her stating the same. And it worked for the gentleman too. Since both of them belong to the same management agency, they are also grinning about the hype created by their stars!”

Well, we are not at all surprised with this.But we are surely keen to know what her ex-boyfriend thinks of this gimmick?!

Our Guess
Talented Actress: Priyanka Chopra
Young Sensation: Nick Jonas

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