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Blind Item(Pinkvilla) – Living Separate Lives – 8th Oct

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Pinkvilla has published a blind item about a bollywood couple who are living separate lives, but are putting up a show for the sake of their daughter.

Bollywood is aware that she is one manipulative, cunning & shrewd woman. But her beauty & her charm make her irresistible. Her husband – the son of a megastar had to struggle for 3-4 years before he tasted success. He starred in several hits. Just when people thought he was on to something big, he married her. Several friends tried to speak him out of it. As they were aware of the consequences faced by her lovers. She was unlucky for all her lovers before him & he was warned that he too would suffer the same fate.

But he brushed aside all the rumors & married her. As expected his career went on a downward spiral. His mom & sister son’t get along well with his wife(click here to read more). There were nasty rumors of his father getting close to his wife! It didn’t help that he was always compared to his super successful dad & was labeled a failure. We pity this poor guy. We hope he divorces her & moves on. We won’t be surprised if this SoBo’s doctor’s career gets ruined by the time this diva is done with him. She has a knack for mind f%&$ing all her lovers.

Blind Item

B-Town is full with dark open secrets and trouble in paradises is not new here but this piece of information we have shocked us more than anything. We hear that there is trouble in the paradise of a much-loved star couple who have been living separate lives but on the outside have been successfully tricking people into believing they are a happy family all because of their child.

We also hear that the actress wife has found new love in a medical practitioner from SoBo and the actress,it seems, is spending a lot of time with him. On the other hand, the husband is focusing on his professional life. With this new found information, we wonder if the project they signed together recently will ever take off, though it can be assumed that they might maintain professionalism given that both of them need a hit at the box office.

Our Guess
Star Couple: Aishwarya & Abhishek Bachchan


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