Blind Item(Pinkvilla) – Promotion Trouble – 5th Jan

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Pinkvilla has published a blind item about a young female star who is feeling sidelined during the ongoing promotions for an upcoming musical film.

She has been in the news more for her relationship than her work. But looks she wants that to change. We kinda envy her. Any issues in her life & she has her godfather to run to. We wish we were one of those entitled kids who had a bollywood big shot on their side to look after our every need. Be it personal or professional, this bollywood biggie is there to help his mentees out. But then again, one can’t blame her. After all she has proved her mettle. One can expect her just to be eye candy.

While she never had to struggle to land a big role, she doesn’t have to struggle to get things done her way either. But it’s not a one way street. She too played her part as the beard – for her mentor & his BF(click here to read more). While the world thought she was dating the handsome man, truth was that he was actually dating her mentor. It did help all three of them. While the actors got their share of publicity, the mentor managed to fool people & have his share of fun!

Blind Item

Promotions for a movie can be a tedious job for the actors. Sometimes, it turns out to be a stressful job, often more than shooting for the movie they have been promoting. But, promotions can also be hurtful if one of the actors gets sidelined despite being an important part of the film. Such instances are often witnessed in the industry, but in rarity, actors speak about it in public.

Recently, a talented young female star who established her mettle in a very short period faced this kind of situation. She is the female lead for an upcoming musical film which stars the current heartthrob of the nation as the male lead. It so happened that the female lead was heard to be miffed with the director and the whole team of the movie for sidelining her during the promotions and giving all attention to the male star. She felt that she is being shown as only a supporting cast and the movie is not riding on her shoulders just as much.

Moreover, the young lady raised these concerns to her mentor, who happens to be a friend of the director as well. The mentor spoke to the director and the male star got a whiff of the whole incident. The male actor made sure that she becomes a part of the grand event that was held recently irrespective of her presence needed or not!

Our Guess

Actress: Alia Bhatt
Heartthrob: Ranveer Singh
Movie: Gully Boy
Mentor: Karan Johar


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