Blind Item(Pinkvilla) – Share The Couch – 22nd Oct

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Pinkvilla has published a blind item about a star who refused the couch with another actor.

It is time for the latest season of the celebrity chat show hosted by a bollywood biggie(click here to read more). Expect to be flooded with stories of what happened on set & behind the scenes of the show. The first story is about this 100cr+ hero who has refused to share the couch with another upcoming actor. While the senior among them has recently delivered a 100cr+ hit, the other played a supporting role in a blockbuster. Both are first gen heroes, but the younger one’s dad is a stunt man. Sadly his dad has been named as one of the predators in the #MeToo movement.

The 100cr+ hero mustn’t forget the days when he was a struggler. Several heroines refused to star opposite him. Nut now he is hot property. He is the king of small budget movies. The younger actor too is highly talented & will definitely go places. we believe that this #MeToo is just an excuse for the 100cr+ star to not appear along side him. The 100cr+ hero is threatened by the younger actor’s talent.

Blind Item

Rivalries in Bollywood are not big thing and especially when actors are suddenly met with new found stardom, they do seem to get competitive. A little birdie informed us that recently two actors who are on the rise currently were approached to share the couch for a chat show but the actor who recently delivered a 100 crore hit film was not too keen on the same. The other actor too is being considered to be one of the breakout stars of 2018.

We hear that the 100 crore actor turned down the offer saying the other is not big enough to be sharing the same couch to talk with a celebrity anchor. Buzz is that the recent MeToo movement issue might also be one of the reason for the refutal. Well, we have already dropped a couple of hints. This seems to be a easy guess, did you find out?

Our Guess

Chat Show: Koffee with Karan
Actors: Rajkumarr Rao & Vicky Kaushal


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