Blind Item(Pinkvilla) – Sibling Revelry – 31st March –

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Pinkvilla has published a blind item about an actor’s sibling revelry.
The actor dated her mentor for quite sometime. Post her mentor’s publicized breakup with a beauty queen, she was the first woman he dated seriously. There were even rumors of them ending up together. But Alas! her mentors’ womanizing ways led to an abrupt end to their relationship. She found solace in the arms of a young superstar. But they too broke up due to her shady past.
Her mentor is a megastar with a heart of gold. His generosity towards people is a part of industry folklore. But his behavior towards his gf’s reeks of male chauvinism. While he detests his gf’s wearing short clothes or romancing other heroes in their movies, he doesn’t shy away from cheating on them. He is known to physically abuse his gf’s. He cheated on this actor with her then good friend who co-starred with the megastar in a hit comedy several years back. The good friend is now married to a sports star.
But the megastar knows about his inability to stay faithful in a relationship & his commitment phobia. He has rightly decided to not get married. He does maintain a harem of women to fulfill his physical needs. Not only is his dating a foreign import, he also hooks up with several of his out of work co-stars whom he vehemently promotes.
Post her break up with the young superstar, there have been rumors that the actor is back to hooking up with the superstar. He is now leaving no stone unturned to promote her sister.

Blind Item
When you have a godfather in Bollywood, nothing can stop you from making IT big in the industry. And if the Godfather is this big-hearted superstar, then naturally, sustaining in Bollywood becomes a cakewalk. Many actors and actresses have had the privilege of being under the shelter of this said superstar, who is responsible for their Bollywood careers – good and bad both! Latest to join the bandwagon is this young girl, who has been signed opposite another newbie actor recently for a movie.

The announcement that happened a few days back has been the talk of the town. While this is the actor’s second film, a couple of years after his debut movie hit the screens, the actress in question and her Bollywood debut has been in the news for quite some time now. Given that the leading lady has an elder sister, who has established herself in Bollywood, it is obvious that the debutante will not have to struggle her way in films, unlike her actress sister.

To ensure that her young sister has it easy in B-town, the actress’ sister is leaving no stone unturned. She has been speaking to the best of the people, with whom she has worked, to be a part of her crew. At the same time, the leggy lass has had a word with her superstar ‘friend’ and requested him to not compromise on anything when it comes to the darling sister’s career. Someone in the know has revealed some juicy details from the conversation the actress has had with this star actor.

Apparently, the A-list actress has spoken to the superstar and insisted that all the limelight and the focus should be on her sibling’s big fat debut and the same be conveyed to the leading actor of the movie. Needless to say, the superstar has agreed and has put in a word with the director and the producers of the movie, one of them being the one who is helming the actor’s next project. Interestingly, because of this condition, the debutante in question couldn’t sign up her first film under the superstar’s home banner movie that was announced a few months back, starring an important family member, whose launch is also in the hands of the actor. Since no compromise could be made on his launch, another fresh face was cast opposite him, thus making this lady sign another project, with a ‘Hero’ who wouldn’t mind being told to stay away from the limelight.

The superstar has been very crystal clear about this development and has told this newbie actor, who was launched by him a few years back, too that this new movie will be all about his alleged lady love’s sister. Unfortunately, the young actor had to agree, since there is nothing much he can do. Also, ticking off the superstar wouldn’t do any good to the boy as it is. All the people in concern have agreed and a deal stating the same on paper has been signed.

No wonder, the press releases emphasized on the young actress’ debut. This also means the promotions, interviews and the promos will all be about the new lady!

Well, perks of having an actress sister with a superstar ‘friend’!

Our Guess
Superstar: Salman Khan
A-list Actress: Katrina Kaif
Sister: Isabelle Kaif
Hero: Sooraj Panscholi

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