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Blind Item(Pinkvilla) – Stars Back Out – 7th Nov

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Pinkvilla has published a blind item about a star who decided to back out of promoting his upcoming big budget movie.

He is a superstar, who knows the pulse of the audiences. He knows exactly what works & what doesn’t. So when he is of the opinion that something won’t work, it won’t. We wonder why the studio boss did not pay heed to his inhibitions. Considering the movie’s budget, the studio boss has lots to lose. The movie’s advance booking is through the roof. We are hoping against hope, that this movie succeeds. After all, who in the country isn’t a fan of the superstar in question?

Both the superstar & the studio boss are rumored to be facing issues in their domestic life. The superstar has been in the news for his roaring affair with his protege’, who is also a part of the cast(click here to read more). On the other hand our sources inform us that the studio boss’s missus has been “experimenting” with her sexuality with some women.

Blind Item

When it comes to ensemble films in Bollywood, there aren’t many. One reason could be the ensemble itself having cold wars with each other regarding their characters and role time. And we have proof of this with the cast of a recent ensemble movie. Read on:

This big-ticket film had a major promotional plan in order to promote the ensemble movie. However, the lead star backed out of it and the big promotional plan had to be scrapped. This is because the actor was not happy with his role. This realisation took place midway through the shoot when the star realised that his character turned out to be completely different from what was originally told to him. He requested the makers of the movie to change but it was to no avail.

The reason why the actor is insisting that his character in the film is someone who is not known to him is of his concern that his fans and followers would hate him after. This is a worrying fact for the actor.

Can you guess who the lead star and the movie in question are? Let us know your guesses in the comments section below.

Our Guess

Lead Star: Aamir Khan


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