Blind Item(Pinkvilla) – The Marketing Manager – 12th July

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Pinkvilla has published a blind item about a marketing manager, who is interfering on the sets of an upcoming movie.

The head honcho of the production house mentioned in the blind item, is known for her bisexual ways. Be it male or female stars or even some directors, she has done it all. While not everybody has had to please her, she has hooked up with several of them. The people who manage to go the extra mile are then given plum acting/directing assignments.(click here to read more)

As we have said time & again, casting couch is a reality. It won’t go away until & unless a #MeToo type scandal doesn’t break out in India.

Blind Item
Those days are not far away when we will see the marketing managers and talent managers teaching the directors how to shoot a film. The recent case in point is that of a marketing manager of a production house who was spotted adjusting lights on a film set of a movie that is being shot abroad. The reason she got away with it was that the manager happens to be very `close’ to the head honcho of the company who has given her a free hand.

The entire unit is apparently so upset with her, but to add to the ordeal, the actress who also keeps making changes and fighting with the director has gone ahead and sided with the manager instead of the creative people on the set. One just hopes that the film remains the same as planned given the number of interferences.

Our Guess
Actress: Kangana Ranaut
Movie: Mental Hai Kya, which isbeing shot in London
Head Honcho: Ekta Kapoor

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