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Blind Item(Rajeev Masand) – Director’s Daughter – 20th July

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Rajeev Masand has published a blind item about an actor getting close to the director’s daughter to earn some brownie points.

It is funny how people go to great lengths, just to get ahead in their career. Bollywood is no different. Be it sleeping with their bosses or the boss’s daughter, nothing is out of bounds. We wish actors relied on their talent instead of shamelessly sucking up or befriending relatives powerful people(click here to read more)

But then Bollywood works solely on relationships. More than your talent or box office success, relationships are what land you plum acting projects. The actor in question was married to a woman, who was the rakhi sister of the reigning superstar. But she divorced him, when she found out that he was hooking up with his co-star. But the actor & his co-star have since broken up.

Blind Item
It appears that someone may have convinced this good- looking actor—who recently became single—that the way into his director’s good books is through his daughter’s heart. Unit members on the set of his new film have been whispering that the actor has been going out of his way to ‘pamper’ and ‘indulge’ the senior filmmaker’s offspring.

The actor has had a reputation of being a flirt, so the crew was not surprised when he took a keen interest in the young lady. But now they’re swearing that it’s snowballed into something more than just harmless flirting.

The joke on the set is that the actor is making sure his role makes the biggest impact in this ensemble production. But another one of his co-stars has already tried that trick before him. Just months ago, the director’s daughter was being linked to another actor in the film—a strapping relative newcomer for whom this film could be a breakout opportunity.

Insiders swear there was definitely something there, but the young lady—petrified of her famously short-fused father—may have developed cold feet. This time, though, she seems to be enjoying the attention and is fearlessly forging ahead right under daddy’s nose.

Our Guess
Movie: Paltan
Director: J.P Dutta
Daughter: Nidhi
Good looking Actor: Pulkit Samrat
Co-star: Harshvardhan Rane

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