Blind Item(Rajeev Masand) – Indecent Proposals – 25th Jan

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Rajeev Masand has published a blind item in Open The Magazine about a studio boss known for making indecent proposals to starlets, but escaped getting punished after being outed in the MeToo movement.

Whenever there is a revolution or rather a crackdown, the very big fishes always escape. Take the case of the studio boss in question. The world is aware about his indecent proposals to starlets. A few women were brave enough to out him, but his wife & other aspiring actresses supported him. Instead of him being ostracized, he is going on with his life like nothing happened. He is launching several projects & rewarding the people who stood by him. We are disappointed with the hero, who is going ahead with the project despite knowing everything.

We wonder how his wife is okay with all this. We guess it is because she doesn’t want to let go of all the wealth. Besides she maybe having her own share of fun with a young star if a blind item is to be believed(click here to read more)

There were rumors that the studio boss’s father too had a thing going on with a renowned singer. Not only was his father promoting the singer, he launched several albums featuring the singer’s daughter as well. As soon as the father died a violent death which shook the industry, the singer & her daughter were shown the door. No one has heard about them since then.

Blind Item

In film circles this top studio boss is well known for his indecent proposals to acting aspirants. It’s one of Bollywood’s worst-kept secrets. So no one in the industry was surprised when the bigwig producer was outed at the peak of the MeToo wave recently. At least two women pointed fingers at him.

He’s so powerful he managed to drown out their voices in a barrage of testimonials: from his wife who claimed he was the paragon of virtue, and from select women he’s worked with vouching for his professionalism and decency. His accusers might have been silenced, but no one in Bollywood was fooled.

Insiders are saying he’s now returned the favour to a pretty young starlet who defended him. She’s landed a significant role in a movie he’s producing with an A-list male star in the lead. Such a cynical view of things! But most filmwaalas point out this is the sort of top-tier project she wouldn’t be considered for, given her talent and star-wattage—or lack of both. More troubling, of course, is how easily the producer got away. Will some things ever change?

Our Guess

Studio Boss: Bhushan Kumar
Actress: Sonam Bajwa
A-list Male Star: Varun Dhawan


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