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Blind Item(Rajeev Masand) – No Dates – 22nd March

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Rajeev Masand has published a blind item in Open The Magazine about an actress bowing out of a movie citing the no dates excuse.

When a superstar sidelined the director in question & took director credit for a movie, people blamed the interfering superstar. It was reported that the movie was close to the director’s heart. He had worked hard on the script. But the superstar’s creative differences with the director led to the director’s ouster. While the superstar came across as the villain last time, the director in question too seems to be a difficult person to deal with. While he couldn’t bully the male superstar, he got managed to bully the female actress & made her quit.

But one can’t blame the director either. Filmmaking is a creative process. The movie in question is a biopic. If the lead actor doesn’t look the part & do justice to the role, the movie will fall flat. Careers of all the people involved is on the line. So one shouldn’t get angry at the director either.

A big shot director was on the verge of throwing a star kid out of his movie. Her parents had to plead to not get her thrown out. While the movie flopped, thankfully the star kid in question has done well for herself.

Blind Item

When news broke that a pretty young actress who’d been signed for a prominent sports biopic would no longer be doing the film because she didn’t have the dates for it, insiders knew something was wrong. After all, this was the most exciting film she had on her hands and one that she could shoulder herself. Plus she’d committed to the film more than a year ago; the “no dates” excuse sounded like just that— an empty excuse.

Turns out things have been strained between the actress and the director who’s helming the project. There were rumors earlier that he wasn’t thrilled with the casting, but both filmmaker and star rubbished those reports. The actress had a big hit last year, and received significantly better reviews for her latest films than she’s ever had before, and it looked like all was fine. Plus she’d begun taking lessons in preparation for the film so things appeared to be on track.

But the news recently that she’s left the film—and will be replaced by another actress—has surprised many. Those in the know say that matters were much better between the actress and the director since last year, but neither trusted each other enough and it led to her deciding she would rather not set off on this journey with him.

Our Guess

Young Actress: Shraddha Kapoor
Movie: Saina Nehwal biopic
Filmmaker: Amole Gupte


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