Blind Item(Rajeev Masand) – Sickening Encounter – 23rd Nov

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Rajeev Masand has published a blind item in Open The Magazine about a art-house actress’s sickening encounter with a top male star.

We have been crying hoarse about the sleazy antics of this male star. But thanks to his family man image, his lecherous ways never came to light. He had bedded several women & some actresses before getting married. But unlike another A-lister, this star was smart enough to not sleep with top actresses(click here to read more). His TG was always background dancers, AD’s etc. That way his affairs never got noticed.

Two of his affairs got media attention – one self proclaimed bollywood “queen” & another south import known for her curvaceous figure. We wonder how he got rid of the queen. Another male star is having a horrible time trying to get rid of her.

Speaking of his manager cum business partner, his daughter too tried her luck in Bollywood. She acted in a few films produced by her father. All flopped as expected. But he must have ensured that no lecherous ass$&le like him got close to her.

Blind Item

Adding her voice to the MeToo movement, a credible art-house actress has been privately telling friends about her “sickening” encounter with a top male star some years ago. She has revealed that she was asked to meet the action star to discuss a role that she was being considered for in a movie he was doing. When she showed up, however, the star was with his famously sleazy business manager- cum-producing partner, and the actress has said she immediately felt uncomfortable.

She has said it wasn’t a “great role” to begin with, but mainstream visibility had been hard to come by, and an opportunity to be in a big Bollywood movie was one she didn’t want to miss. The meeting was “odd” because the star barely spoke. At one point she felt obliged to state her skills because she got the feeling that neither the star nor his manager was familiar with her work. When she went on to list her accomplishments, the star cut her off irritably and asked: “Woh sab theek hai. Yeh bata, tu degi kya?” (“All that’s okay, tell me, will you comply?”)

The actress has said she felt revolted and her demeanour made it more than evident to the star and his manager. The meeting ended awkwardly and quickly, and she didn’t get the role. She is conflicted about exposing the actor because she doesn’t think anything will come of it. “Very unlikely his career will be affected. I will surely suffer,” she has told friends, justifying her decision not to go public.

Our Guess

Top Male Star: Ajay Devgan
Manager: Kumar Mangat
Art-House Actress: Swara Bhaskar?


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