Blind Item(Rajeev Masand) – The Big Guys – 26th Oct

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Rajeev Masand has published a blind item in Open The Magazine, about how the big guys have managed to evade the #MeToo storm.

While it may be too true that the megastar mentioned in the blind item may be a creep, we think this blind item is a paid hit job. The lady mentioned in the blind item was clicked with the megastar outside his house. They were standing pretty close & it seemed like it was late night or rather early morning. If she thought he was a creep, what she doing outside his house alone with him? It is known all & sundry that he is a womanizer. Why get close to him? Why agree to even star in his movie? It is women like her who are diluting the impact of the #MeToo campaign. Sadly even if a genuine lady voices her opinion against the megastar, it won’t have the desired impact.

This lady is known to be quite the opportunist. She struck a friendship with the megastar’s sister. It is known to everyone that in order to star in his movie all one has to do is get close to either of his sisters. That or get close to him!(click here to read more) She milked her equation with his sister to land a role in his movie & then she exited the movie. We wonder why. She is rumored to be someone ready to do “anything” to progress in her career. She after all has seduced two married superstars for her benefit.

But if one were to look closely, the first para speaks about an actress who tweeted about hypocrisy & harassers giving gyaan. So this blind item might be about another A-lister. This A-lister has been in the news for his newfound romance. His cousin has been accused by several women of being a sexual predator. A source – a man, told us that us that when he was an AD on one of the movies this A-lister was starring, the A-lister made a pass at him!

Speaking of the #MeToo storm, a celeb hair stylist cum reality show contestant named the biggest superstar ever in a tweet. A washed out actor had named accused him of groping her in 2011. But like in all other cases, his PR team did a fab job of burying the news. Meanwhile this big shot producer’s PR team has been publishing articles about his charitable causes. Looks like it is done in order to build his image as a good man with a large heart. So that naive people like us forgive him for his misgivings with several women.

Blind Item

Even as the MeToo movement continues to throw up big names in Bollywood, many are surprised that top male stars have not yet been exposed. Insiders are especially gossiping about an A-lister who has managed to stay below the radar. His shenanigans are legendary. One actress recently sly-tweeted about the hypocrisy of offenders who are pretending to be allies, and well-placed sources say she’s referring to a star with whom she made a movie some years ago, only to be humiliated and harassed when she rebuffed his many attempts at ‘closeness’.

Another film he did saw his leading lady drop out practically days before the shoot began. While the producers savaged her in the press for her unprofessionalism, sources say she exited the project when she realised it was going to be impossible to ward off her co-star’s unwanted overtures.

Ladies such as her, and perhaps several more, remain silent perhaps because there have been no real repercussions for the ‘big guys’. Practically every instance of an actor being named has resulted in cover-ups and denials, and work-as- usual for the men in question.

Our Guess

A-lister: Salman Khan or Farhan Akhtar
Sly Tweeting Actress: Aditi Rao Hydari(click here to read more)
Leading Lady: Priyanka Chopra or Kriti Sannon


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