Director Hari Says That He Regrets Making Films Glorifying Cops

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Jayraj and Fenix’s death made stars and filmmaker Hari raise their voices against injustice. Read our article to know more!

George Floyd’s death was one of the most terrible incidents that have ever happened. But even before the world got it, there is another similar but the more brutal and worse incident that has happened in Sathankulam, India. Jayraj and Fenix, father and son who ran a cell phone shop beyond permit times were arrested. They later died a custodial death.

Their family has alleged that the cause for their death is police brutality. Stars from around the county are protesting against the death of Jayraj and Fenix. This includes Suriya, Kajal Aggarwal, Sivakartikeyan, Karthi, Varun Tej from South India. Priyanka Chopra, Harbajan Singh, Sashi Tharoor, Genelia, Parineeti Chopra from Northern India.

Reacting to the same, Director Hari, who made films like Singam and Saamy glorifying cops says.

“I regret making five films that glorified the police force in my career. A section of cops misuse their power and tarnished the image of the entire department. I wish that there shouldn’t yet another Sathankulam incident in Tamil Nadu and for that, all those who are involved in the crime must be severely punished”.

All these movies were good hits in the industry and they had a great impact on the audience. The movie Singam was one of the biggest hits, also dubbed in various languages only to be liked by others.

This whole incident was heartbreaking for him and resented his own movies.
On the other hand, many stars expressed their condolences and protested against the death of them.

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