Guess Who: Superstar & His Wife Are Sparring Over An Actress

This superstar husband-wife duo are sparring over a newbie actress. Can you guess the celebs Mumbai Mirror is talking about?
Guess Who: Superstar & His Wife Are Sparring Over An Actress

Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about a superstar & his wife sparring over a newbie actress.

He should be named the “teflon superstar”. Nothing seems to affect him. Not only is he defying age, by starring in several hits, he has escaped being outed in the MeToo movement as well. He is rumored to have paid 10cr+ to an actress to not out him in the MeToo movement. He then sacked the director of his movie, who was named in the MeToo movement. He has huge gambling/betting debts, which he cleared off by agreeing to make his creditor a co-producer in one of his films. Neither has he stopped betting on cricket matches & neither has he started treating women properly. His wife is happy to look the other way. A blind item quite sometime back suggested that she too has her share of fun on the side.

The superstar’s team has gotten this blind item published to shield his image. Truth is that the actress has been feeling uncomfortable with his touchy behavior. He knows about her discomfort & wants her replaced with a more pliable actress. People will now think that his wife was the reason for the newbie actress’ ouster from the project.

Isn’t it ironical that he is not an Indian & yet never misses an opportunity to display his patriotic side? He gave up his Indian passport just for the sake of saving some tax money! How is he the poster boy of nationalism or patriotism? We would rather support the superstars whose ideologies we may or may not like & or belong to a minority religion. At least they are Indians, who pay taxes & are working towards making our country better! Just mouthing patriotic dialogues doesn’t make one patriotic. Sadly Indian audiences are yet to wise up to his schemes & don’t shy away from attacking anyone who criticizes him on social media.

Blind Item

A husband-wife duo from the movie business seems to be sparring on all sorts of odd things, perhaps a little more than most.

For instance, they are head-tohead over a young heroine, who has been offered a film with the actor husband. The missus, however, has her knickers in a knot at every mention of the young actor who has a major hit behind her.

We hear the missus has asked her doting husband not to do any project – feature or ad – with this newcomer. Not surprising at all, but what boggles us is how did the newbie get the film in the first place

Our Guess

Husband-Wife Duo: Akshay Kumar & Twinkle Khanna

Newbie: Kiara Advani

Major Hit: Kabir Singh





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