OI Original: Music Industry Gossip

Which musician had an affair with whom? Which music director is a pervert? Read our article on gossip from the music industry to find out!
OI Original: Music Industry Gossip

Which musician had an affair with whom? Which music director is a pervert? Read our article on gossip from the music industry to find out!

Yesterday, we published an article on gossip related to TV stars. Since it was not scandalous gossip that we were doling out, we were comfortable taking names. But in this article we have to go back to not naming the celebs to save ourselves from legal tangles. Let’s see how many end up cracking the blind items

1. The Lecherous Music Director

This music director was outed in the MeToo movement. Our sources who have worked in the music industry wonder how it took so long to happen. This music director who was a big name in the music industry in the 90’s & was a self proclaimed numero uno music director. After he stopped getting work in the movies, he became a judge of a music based reality TV show.

Our source claims that he bedded a good looking bong(bengali) singer from Mumbai. He literally forced her to. He would openly tell her “Ek to button kholo. Humein bhi to thoda dikhao. Humein bhi thoda sukoon milne do. Tumhari CD main release main karwaunga”. Ewww! Sadly the talented singer succumbed to his pressure. The singer’s mom came to know about it & started to accompany her for recordings. That’s when it stopped.

2. The Polygamist

This superstar singer is very well behaved. Despite having achieved huge level of success he is very grounded & respects his music directors. That explains why he had a long career. Not all talented singers survive that long.

But while he may be very well behaved, he did marry a lady before his career in music took off. The lady in question created a ruckus. The singer & his second wife(mother of his celeb son) reached a settlement with his first wife. The music industry would giggle behind his back when his two wives used to refer to each other as “didi” & attend events together. It made people wonder whether he has married two sisters. While this story is old news now. It was quite scandalous a few years back.

3. The Music Baron & His GF

This late music baron could make or break careers of musicians in the 80’s & 90’s. He is known to have made a popular sing a song & then got her replaced with his GF when the song was very well received in test runs. His GF was quite the rage in the 80’s & 90’s thanks to him. Her daughter too was supposed to make an entry but the music baron’s untimely death ruined her plans. Sadly for her, the day the music baron’s son took over, the GF-singer was shunted out of the music industry. She is now a forgotten name.

4. The Melodious Singer

This singer is one of our favorite singers in Bollywood. Most of Mumbai citizens have heard the gossip about him being the keep of the bahu of a major political family of Maharashtra. It was thanks to his closeness to her that he got a break in bollywood.

The singer also had an extra marital relationship with a colleague – a teenage music sensation who then went on to become a top singer. The singer’s beau married outside her religion to a director & earned the ire of her parents. She then cheated on her husband with this melodious singer.

5. The Philandering Husband

Another addition to the list of philandering musicians is another melodious singer – another big name of the 90’s. His competition with the other two singers mentioned earlier was fierce in the 90’s. What is relatively not well known is that he cheated on his wife with an established actress. The actress is now settled in the US & is barely mentioned in the media. The actress was also rumored to have been “close to” two big directors of the 90’s, including the one who cast her in the lead role of a woman oriented court room drama. Unfortunately for the superstar singer, the affair didn’t last long & they both went their separate ways.

6. The Musical Genius

This globally renowned musical genius ruled the music industry in the 90’s & 2000’s. It was every singer’s dream to sing to his tunes. While people think he is a faithful husband, truth is that he has his share of fun outside his marriage. Although he never misbehaves with women. Everything that happens is consensual.

7. Sukhwinder Singh

We are naming him because, there is nothing controversial about what we have to share about him. I saw Sukhwinder at an airport in MP. He was with his troupe. We were waiting for our flight, which was delayed. Nobody bothered to give him any attention. It was then that he started speaking loudly. The kids noticed him & ran towards him for autographs. Some other asked him to pose for selfies. He readily obliged.

It was funny how see a celeb feel insecure on getting no attention & him throwing a mini tantrum to get noticed.

Could you guess all the artistes that we spoke about? Please drop a comment if you did!





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