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Want to know more about your favorite TV stars? Who is arrogant & who is not? Read our article on gossip related to stars of TV shows.


I was working for a media giant in 2013. As part of our induction, we were supposed to be taken to the sets of the shows aired on one of the channels. The sets I was taken to was the show ” Saraswatichandra”. While we were taken around the sets by one of the employees, we were also taken to the spot where the scenes were being shot live. The female lead – Jennifer Winget, looked very pretty but was very arrogant & had an attitude problem. She reeked of arrogance. Definitely not a friendly person. The male star – Gautam Rode on the other hand was very warm. He was kind enough to pose for selfies & spoke to everyone. He is not very tall(around 5ft 7) & is very skinny in person.

Gauri Pradhan & Hiten Tejwani

Gauri & Hiten used to visit their friends who lived in the same building as some of my relatives. Gauri used to think that the world revolves around her. She used to not even look at the kids in the building who used to greet her. She used to behave like smiling will cost her money. Her husband on the other hand is a friendly chap.

Shilpa Saklani & Rakshanda Khan

Shilpa Saklani & Rakshanda Khan are besties. They used to be regulars at a Barista outlet near Lokhandwala. Both have a very fair complexion. It was only later that I read somewhere that it was Rakshanda who played matchmaker for Shilpa & her husband – Apurva Agnihotri

Dilip Joshi

We saw Dilip Joshi at a theatre in Andheri. No airs whatsoever. He was happy to pose for selfies with kids who approached him during the interval. He stood in the queue just like the rest. He is quite short – must be 5ft2.

Balaji Telefilms

A lot has been written about Ekta Kapoor. We too have published several blind items about her. When we had gone to Balaji Telefilms office, the first thing we saw was a white temple a few yards away from the entrance. While we were waiting, we were surprised to hear prayers for Lord Balaji play on the speakers installed in the office! It is now common knowledge that Ekta will cast you or hire you as an employee only if her astrologer okays you after studying your kundali & matching it with Ekta’s!

Mona Singh

We saw Mona with Vidyut Jamwal in Goa in 2011 at Curlies. She was in her swimming costume, while he was sitting topless. They had their eyes only for each other. A few years after we saw them, the MMS scandal happened & they broke up.

Mona too used to frequent the society where my relatives used to stay. The society members always thought that she was very friendly despite being very popular back then.

Ankita Lokhande

Ankita used to stay in Lokhandwala & was known to be very arrogant(most female stars are). She was short tempered. She had too much attitude. She was dating Sushant back then & he came across a sober guy.

Pawan Shankar

Pawan Shankar too stayed in a rented apartment in Andheri. He used to play with his son. He used to not interact too much with the others. His wife looked like one grumpy aunty. Not a friendly woman.

Satish Shah

We saw Satish Shah at a restaurant. He was hounded by kids for autographs. He is very warm person & is funny in real life as well. When he was fed up kids following him for autographs, he said “udhar dekho Sachin Tendulkar” & ran away from them.

Marathi TV Stars

As I am a member of a prestigious club frequented by several TV stars, I have met several of them. One such actor whose name I don’t recollect, but whom we saw in a comedy on Sab TV, came with Raj Thackeray. I saw them in the changing room of our gym. The actor was making Raj laugh non-stop.

A lot of other TV stars were regularly seen in the club’s bar. Most of them are very grounded & had no attitude whatsoever.

The Reality Of TV Stars

Most of the TV stars live in rented apartments & live a life they can’t afford. Most of the TV stars have more attitude than even some of their movie star counterparts. A majority of them make lesser money than corporate employees. Only a few manage to earn the big bucks. Even well known TV stars are not rich. Most of them buy second hand models of expensive cars. Once the show is over, you may not land another acting job for years. Several of them had “male guests” come to their home at odd hours of the night. A rumored call girl who stayed near our house was seen in a small role in a cult action flick. She was asked to leave the society due to her nocturnal activities.

There are a lot of stars who land only two bit roles in serials, but are never willing to accept that they are not meant for stardom. Only a few of them like Pawan Shankar, Ronit Roy etc are shrewd enough to have a business to fall back on. Most of them are forced to start a business once bills pile up & no work comes their way.

While TV stars don’t make a lot of money, they definitely get laid a lot more than normal people do. This one male model turned TV star’s rented apartment was frequented by married women when their husbands were away. While they thought no one noticed them going to the male model’s house, the security guards always knew what they were up to!


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