OI Original: These Actresses Are Now Escorts

These two failed actresses have turned into escorts to finance their expensive lifestyles. Can you guess the celebs we are talking about?
OI Original: These Actresses Are Now Escorts

These actresses are no longer getting movie projects & have become escorts in order to finance their extravagant lifestyles.

Bollywood is the stuff dreams are made of. Name, fame & money literally is at the feet of the biggest stars. But what people fail to see is that it is only the superstars who are able to enjoy the perks of the bollywood lifestyle. Celebs who are not in the A-list, barely make any money. Most of them rely solely on their movie careers to make money. Peer pressure makes them live a lifestyle they can’t afford.

While the going is good, while there are movie projects in hand(especially at the start of their careers), things spiral downwards after their careers end abruptly. The female stars find it especially difficult in the male dominated industry. After all every year there is a fresh bunch of female stars entering the industry. Barring a few, very few female stars can shoulder a movie. Most of the actresses are just eye candy & are easily replaceable. This makes them sleep with directors, producers, superstars for the sake of getting movie roles. Once the biggies are bored of doing them, they stop casting the actress & look for fresh “maal”.

At this stage the actresses have completely forgotten their middle class morals & values. They have no inhitions in signing up as escorts. The pimps know exactly whom to approach & lure into their fold. Many of such actresses are active on instagram. Their fans are delighted to see them pose almost nude on social media. What they don’t know is that these actresses are actually advertising their assets for prospective clients – who are mostly abroad. The clients – mostly from Dubai, are ready to pay top dollar for the services of bedding these actresses.

Our sources claim that at least two actresses who post semi-nude pics of themselves on social media are servicing clients based abroad. They are regularly seen taking flights abroad for these purposes.

Can you guess the celebs we are talking about? Please do drop a comment if you know the answer.





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