OI Original: This Filmmaker Is Obsessed With The PM

This maverick filmmaker is obsessed with the PM. He criticizes him all day & his crew is bored of his rants. Can you guess the celeb we are talking about?
OI Original: This Filmmaker Is Obsessed With The PM

This filmmaker is obsessed with the PM. He keeps criticizing him all day.

Our PM, is a hugely polarizing figure. While he has millions of die-hard fans who are pejoratively called bhakts, the PM has his share of detractors as well. His detractors too obsessively hate him. One such person is this filmmaker, who is known for his artsy movies which even end up doing well commercially. While none of his movies have ever done business of anything above 30cr, he is a sought after filmmaker.

People used to laugh behind his back due to him behaving like a teenager in love, while he was dating a 20+ yr old. A source who met him was flabbergasted by his behaviour. He kept asking the source whether he & his GF have a special connect. When our source told it to his face that they don’t, he looked dejected. They now laugh behind his back for his obsession with the PM. He spends all day bitching about the PM to anyone who cares to listen. His crew is bored of his non-stop rants against the PM. Some are even concerned about him taking the PM head on through his social media handles. His well-wishers are asking him to take a step back & avoid becoming the poster boy of the revolt against the dispensation. But being the marijuana smoking, creative personality that he is, he refuses to lsiten. He probably fancies himself as the Indian Che Guevara.

Can you guess the filmmaker we are talking about? Please do drop a comment if you do!





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