Guess who – Story Behind The Box Office Clash

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Cineblitz has published a blind item about the story behind the box office clash between two big budget movies.

This actress‘s obsession with this greek god superstar is well known. She & her sister never miss a chance to take pot-shots at the actor. While initially the public opinion was favoring the actress, her recent antics have led to people sympathizing with the superstar.The superstar seemed be down due to his movies flopping, his divorce & his father getting diagnosed with cancer. But he seems to have bounced back. While the box office clash with the actress has been averted, he has signed some promising new films.

While it remains to be seen how his next film fares, his other moves seem like sure shot winners. Younger stars gained ground while he was away. Now is his time to reclaim his position. With his looks & talent, anything apart from the top spot will be considered as an under achievement.

Blind Item

Controversy is part and parcel of Bollywood. But the recent one about two films, that will be clashing at the box office, is attracting a lot of attention from many quarters. This is because of the two stars of the respective films and their history! While each party involved has given different reasons for the clash of the two films, the truth is that the actress is trying to deliberately clash her film with her alleged ex. They have a history for creating controversy around their relationship, but this time, it includes work as well. But the real back story will leave you surprised!

When the actress came to know the actor was planning to release his film on a particular date, she chose the same date for her release. And guess what, that’s not all! There’s a back story to it too. Even though it has been said that it’s the producer’s call to shift the release dates, it’s the actor who actually did. In fact, the actor’s film producer did try reaching out to the actress’ movie producer when he heard that the clash was likely to happen. He called the actress’ producer, who is also his friend, but she refused to answer the call. The team has made up its mind and wants to protect the interest of their film. The rest is history!

Our Guess

Actress: Kangana Ranaut
Producer: Ekta Kapoor
Actor’s Film Producer: Anurag Kashyap
Actor: Hrithik Roshan
Clash: Super30 V Mental Hai Kya


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