Going Viral Pvt. Ltd(Amazon Prime) Review

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Going Viral Pvt. Ltd is comic Anuvab Pal & Kunaal Roy Kapur’s collaboration for Amazon Prime. We were highly impressed with Amazon Prime’s sports drama – Inside Edge , & their dramedy based on the life of an IIT aspirant – Laakhon Mein Ek. We had high hopes from their mockumentary – Going Viral.

It stars the immensely talented Kunaal Roy Kapur & Kubra Sait. They play the husband-wife duo who are the founders of Going Viral Pvt. Ltd.

Going Viral is inspired by The Office - A cult classic mockumentary
Going Viral will remind you of the hit American show – The Office
It is a funny take on the current social media obsessed populace of the country & the globe. Viewers will be reminded of Steve Carrell’s hit sitcom -‘The Office’. The screenplay & camera angles seem to be heavily inspired from the cult classic mockumentary.
While we were impressed by the first episode, our mind did start drifting away by the time we were on the fourth episode. Luckily, the show does pick up some steam towards the end of the season. The director relies too heavily on Kunaal Roy Kapur’s (@Gaurav) comic timing & thankfully he doesn’t disappoint. He plays the Steve Carrell inspired character – that of a boss who is a complete moron – to the hilt & had us smiling. But, the makers have to be blamed for making his jokes look repetitive as the show progresses. Kubra Sait who stars as his hot looking wife & CFO of the company is good in her role.
The show revolves around the social media company. The company helps their clients in getting popular on social media. This quest for social media stardom, leads to comedic situations in every episode. The lead pair is ably supported by a talented cast of newbie actors. Anuvab Pal needs to be commended for some very intelligent writing & his way of looking at situations. But, the problem lies with him being inconsistent. While you will be hooked on to the show initially, you will get disappointed in between. The show does have some friendly appearances from several celebs. One of which includes Sophie Chaudhury (the episode featuring her is mad funny & is our favorite episode in the series ).
It is India’s first English – Hindi mockumentary. We recommend our readers to give it a watch. But, the show’s quality is not as high up as Inside Edge or Laakhon Mein Ek. Those shows were flawless & had us hooked till the very end.

Our Rating

***/5 stars


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