Guess Who(Tollywood) Tollywood Director Gets Naughty With His Lady Fan

This renowned tollywood director got naughty with a lady fan. Can you guess the celeb we are talking about?
Guess Who(Tollywood) Tollywood Director Gets Naughty With His Lady Fan

This lady fan is an ardent admirer of this director. But this Tollywood director got naughty with her.

No matter who you are. You would have presumably day dreamt about dating your favourite celebrity at some point of time in your life. We aren’t saying you dreamt or wanted to date, even this is remotely possible for a fan to date a star.

But this lady fan who has come from abroad got so lucky that she met her favourite director in a hotel room and stayed for more than a month in Hyderabad. That’s not the end of it, the buzz is that they met several times in the same hotel.

As we know several newcomers in the Indian Film Industry have been victims of sexual harrasments. There are actress who spoke on #MeeToo Movement and harassments by the directors and producers.

As per the sources, this director is crazy about women and he might have pleased himself this way.

The director may have been working behind the scenes but beware if you are promising women a role in a film and in return asking for sexual flavours then it’s not right. Other than this, its up to adults to stay in live-in-relationship.

What do you feel is it a trap? Or is the director taking advantage of a fan? Who is the director and fan we are talking about? Give your valuable views in the comment section!






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