Blind Item(Rajeev Masand) – Dream Of Big Fat Pay Cheques – 1st June

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Rajeev Masand has published a blind item about an actor who was dreaming of a big fat pay cheque. His dream has been shattered due to his producer going broke.

This producer seems to be one of the most stupidest producers ever. Looks like she just ran into some money. As Bollywood historians will tell you, several prominent filmmakers have gone broke due to a few flop films. Post a few of her film flopping, she is unable to produce the projects, some of which are on the floor(click here to read more)

The actor mentioned in the blind item, needs a hit. After starring in a 100cr+ grosser, his last film tanked badly. He has been dating the heroine of his last film. He is an outsider, but a talented actor. He is unlikely to disappear anytime soon. He has a good slate of films up for release. But his gf may not stick around for long, rumor has it that he physically abuses her & even cheats on her.

Blind Item

A young male star is reportedly furious at having being “played”. The actor famously signed a three-film contract with a female producer. Insiders reveal that according to the contract he was to be paid Rs 9 crore for the first film, Rs 15 crore for the second, and a whopping Rs 25 crore for the third. The actor had recognised that this producer was new to Bollywood, flush with funds and keen to make a splashy announcement of her arrival.

But when she went belly-up recently, defaulting on payments and falling out with the industry, every project she was involved in had to be taken over by new producers.The actor soon realised that his dream of big pay cheques was going to remain a dream. What’s more, he had already wrapped up the first of his three films, and had only received a Rs 2 crore signing amount against the promised Rs 9 crore fee. Rumour has it that he has posted a spy below her apartment so she can be cornered the moment she’s spotted entering or leaving her home.

Poor fellow, but he’s not alone. Several actors are due crores in outstanding payments. But spare a thought for the dozen or so below-the-line professionals who’ve also been duped. According to estimates, the ‘scamstress’ producer owes smaller sums to everyone from publicists and poster designers to marketing agencies and sundry.

Our Guess
Young Male Star: Sushant Singh Rajput
Producer: Prernaa Arora

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