Guess Who: Actor Feels Let Down By Actor Buddy

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Rajeev Masand has published a blind item in Open The Magazine about an actor who feels let down by his actor buddy for not being supportive.

Two actors get cast in a movie. The movie turns out to be a surprise hit. They get cast together by the director again & this time too the movie succeeds. The actors become thick friends. But one becomes more popular than the other. As expected the less popular friend hopes that his more popular friend will help him out. He does, by getting pics clicked together & posting the pics in social media. But the friend is still not happy. He is yet to realize that very few friends actually show complete loyalty in bollywood. Among the ones who stand by your side throughout is the reigning superstar of bollywood. But then when you have that much clout, you can do whatever you feel like.

You can’t blame this rising star for not doing more. He has worked very hard to get where is. Acceptance by the A-list of bollywood is not easy. While life is a lot easier if you manage to get into one of the successful camps, getting into a camp is very difficult. Why will he spoil his equation with a red hot right now- star, just for the sake of his friend? It is a practical move.

Blind Item

A young actor who’s made more than one film with this co-star has been telling friends that he feels let down by his actor buddy after the latter broke out and became a ‘hot’ star. The two had pretty similar career trajectories until their last film together sent the other one to stratospheric heights.

The dejected actor has been saying his friend does not keep in touch, has never offered to help him and hasn’t shown any support for him at a crucial time when an important movie he’s in is being shuttled around because another ‘hot’ star who has made a film on a similar theme is racing to release that film first.

In all fairness, his ‘now famous’ friend and co-star is self-made and had no friend or colleague helping him during his rough patch either. What’s more, there’s little the star can do for his friend when he’s just about trying to hold on to his own success and popularity. Finally, he’s kept a safe distance from the controversy surrounding his friend’s new film because he clearly doesn’t want to make enemies in the business or be seen taking sides on a matter that doesn’t concern him directly.

Our Guess

Young Actor: Sunny Singh

Friend: Kartik Aaryan


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