Guess Who: Actor Is Eager To Get Back With His Ex

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about an actor who is eager to get back with his ex-GF.

This is the umpteenth blind item about this fake bollywood pair. We have always maintained that this couple was & fake. How else do you explain so much info finding its way to the public domain? Think of all the celeb couples who ended up getting married. Do you remember such intricate details, being published?

The actor is also being regularly seen with his new co-star. People have been insinuating that there is more to their relationship. We again think it is deliberate. They have a upcoming movie together, where she plays his romantic interest. It is convenient to link them up & create a buzz at literally no cost for their movie. Don’t be surprised if you see both of them getting linked to other celebs after their movie releases.

Blind Item

BOLLYWOOD’S It-couple not so long ago, these young guns have gone their separate ways recently. While it all seems rather polite and peaceful, we hear it isn’t so. The young man is quite in love with his big-named lolly and has been sending her eager messages to patch up. The lady is doing her best to stay away, even taking off on an all-girls trip to avoid his upcoming birthday. Cheaper to block his number, no?

Our Guess

Couple: Sara Ali Khan & Kartik Aaryan


One thought on “Guess Who: Actor Is Eager To Get Back With His Ex

  • November 27, 2019 at 4:09 am

    I think it’s just a PR thing. They were never in relationship with each other. Moreover, this recent story of their breakup was a PR stunt too just before the release of Pati Patni or Wo.
    My speculation – They will get together after the first week of PPOW.


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