Guess Who: Actor’s Wife Runs On Treadmill With Laptop On

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Spotboye has published a blind item about an actor’s wife who runs on the treadmill with her laptop on!

She has been considering her own show. A big filmmaker has been urging her to have her own talk show on a social media platform. But her husband is against it. He wants her to stay at home & look after their children. They are even planning to have another kid in a couple of years time. While our PM is urging citizens to limit the number of kids they have & control the population, this couple wants baby no.3. The wife faced a lot of backlash some years back when she claimed that her looking after her kid is a full time job & made a condescending statement about mothers who work. Looks like she might end up eating her own words.

The husband keeps having his share of affairs with hair stylists & young actresses. He was rumored to have a thing with his co-star of his last release – which was a blockbuster.

Blind Item

This Bollywood wife is a bit weird. The young, beautiful lady pretends to be busy the whole day, no matter even when she’s on a treadmill.

She has been seen running on the machine with her laptop on. Onlookers wonder if she’s alright and you can’t blame them for that. Uff, why so much self-importance? Lekin woh kehte hain na- DND me ever, mera har second keemti hai! Bas, wahi perception create kiya ja raha hai. Wonder if Mr Husband is aware of his wife’s quirk. Pehchan Kaun!

Our Guess

Wife: Mira Rajput


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