Guess Who – Actress Gets Big Projects Thanks To Her Mentor’s Nudge

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Mid-day has published a blind item about an actress who has bagged two big projects thanks to her mentor’s nudge.

She was born into a affluent family which was very influential in bollywood. To add to that she was born with oodles of acting talent. If this wasn’t enough, the biggest producer in bollywood is her mentor. This opens her many many doors. If she ever is in trouble or unhappy over the way things are going, all she has to do is call up her mentor. Her mentor is very well networked & knows everybody who matters in bollywood. Which means very few people can say no to him & in turn say no to her! This has led to her climbing the bollywood ladder in a very short span of time.

But it has not been a one way street. She too has done several favors for him. She was the beard in the relationship between her mentor & her co-star. She also readily is part of all his fake stories which link her up with her co-stars. Like one her predecessors, she has perfected the game of being pally to this talented producer-director, who is probably the most powerful man in bollywood.

Blind Item

This leading filmmaker’s protege has bagged roles in two big productions on his recommendation. The young actor is known for her acting chops and has bagged several awards for her performances.

But despite her success, she is keen to push her way into big films with a little nudge from her mentor. One of the films, which is being helmed by a Bollywood filmmaker known for his fine detailing and character-driven stories, had wanted another female actor.

But as soon as the mentor got wind of it, he went armed with the footage of her next release, which he has produced, to convince him to sign her. As for the other project, the mentor’s earlier association with the filmmaker helped. Well, some people have all the luck.

Our Guess
Leading Filmmaker: Karan Johar
Protege: Alia Bhatt
Filmmaker: Sanjay Leela Bhansali


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