Guess Who – Director & Actor Had Separate Choices For Leading Lady

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Rajeev Masand published this blind item in his column in Open-The Magazine about a director & an actor who were both firm on their choice of leading lady.

The actor can be undoubtedly hailed as the best of the current lot. The director on the other hand has delivered some out of the box comedies that turned out to be sleeper hits. Last year his movie was a great commercial success. The actress who featured in the film had worked with him previously on three other films. He wanted to cast her opposite the leading star.The actor,too, delivered a massive blockbuster last year after a few disappointing outings at the box office. This actor is currently dating one of the most talented actresses present today. The two are also a part of an upcoming big budget franchise. The fact that there is so much buzz around the two will indeed help the movie garner popularity, believes the actor. Thus happens a clash of ideas. The creative conflict resolved when the producers interfered and suggested another top actress. She is also one of the many leading ladies this casanova actor dated in the past and have worked with in the past. Though we love the chemistry they bring on screen, with the actress married now we wonder what will it be like.

The director in question had a MeToo allegation against him. He somehow managed to come out unscathed. He is rumored to be in a relationship with his leading lady of 4 films.

Blind Item

Both director and star were reportedly firm in their choice of the leading lady for the film they’re making together. The director wanted to cast his frequent heroine and muse, insisting that he owed her a “big one” after she’d trusted him blindly on practically all of his smaller films. The star was leaning towards his actress girlfriend, insisting (correctly) that she’s incredibly talented and would raise the profile of the film by her mere presence. According to well-placed sources the back-and-forth lasted months. Eventually it was the big shot producer bankrolling the project who is believed to have stepped in and reminded them that both choices—the director’s and actor’s—were too young for the role. Apparently he suggested other prominent options. As it turns out, their search has ended with a top leading lady who just happens to be the star’s ex. Ahem.

Our Guess

Director- Luv Ranjan
Actor- Ranbir Kapoor
Ex girlfriend- Deepika Padukone


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