Guess Who – Love Affair Between A Producer & A Starlet

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Mumbai Mirror published a blind item about the love affair that’s been cooking between this well known Bollywood producer and this stunner from Canada.

The producer, who is also the managing director of one of the biggest production houses, has quite a number of potential box office blockbusters lined up for the year. He was named in the MeToo scandal but weaseled out of it with help from his wife. The young lady in question, has received accolades for her dancing skills at the movies last year. Two of the greatest chartbusters last year bears her name. It’s good to know that she might be cast in a full fledged role in a movie or two.

She recently mentioned how she was heartbroken when her ex-BF cheated on her. She has since moved on & how. She is bollywood’s favorite item number dancer. We hope she is around for long. After all she does look hot & biy can she dance!

Blind Item

The love affair between a big-ticket Bolly lolly and this beloved starlet is going rather strong. While news like this is hardly worthy of our attention, we are especially happy to note that this time the producer is willing to put his money where his mouth is. He has promised the young lady two full fledged roles in his next two productions,one of them with more screen time her than the leading lady. And it’s the starlet who ends up with the hero and not the main heroine.

Our Guess
Bolly Lolly: Bhushan Kumar
Starlet: Nora Fatehi


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