Guess Who: Producer Forced To Replace Actress By Politician

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Rajeev Masand has published a blind item in Open The Magazine about a producer who was blackmailed to replace an actress in an upcoming movie by a politician.

This producer should have been outed during the MeToo movement. An actress had confided that he had demanded sexual favors from her. Another actress who is now an established name too, had been at the receiving end of his lecherous behaviour. But while the rather unknown actress made an issue out of it, the established name decided not to take things further. But politicians & underworld dons know how to make celebs dance to their tunes. During the era of the previous government, a superstar refused to attend the wedding of the nephew of a minister. The minister then called him & within no time the superstar arrived at the wedding venue. This superstar was mirred in court cases which made it very easy for politicos to harass him. Now most of the cases against him have been dropped. Some say it due to his closeness with the government at the centre. He may portray the image of someone who can bash up 10’s of people at one go, but in reality he is used as a pawn by powerful people.

Several politicians are rumored to pay actresses handsomely for closed door sessions. They need to burn all that black money after all. many politicians are known to interfere in the casting process of movies & “suggest” filmmakers to cast actors who are close to them. A well known actress who recently battled a terminal disease was known to be close to a political heavyweight from Maharashtra.

The producer in question is a notorious sleazeball. He & his boss – a superstar are known to make obscene demands from struggling actresses. Both have daughters. But that never stops sleazeballs from misbehaving ever!

Blind Item

A courtroom drama whose trailer has been making waves recently has had its own share of behind-the-scenes drama. Turns out that the makers had originally cast a very talented ‘arthouse’ actress in a crucial role, but promptly replaced the low-profile performer when the producer received a call from an influential political heavyweight who recommended another actress.

A reliable source within the film’s unit says the producer was reminded that the political big shot had sensitive intel on him that could “destroy” him personally and professionally if he did not cast the recommended actress. The producer decided to replace the arthouse actress with this B-lister, hoping it would not hurt the film much. He did not want to meddle with the leading roles in the film and decided this key supporting role was the only one he was willing to sacrifice.

The actress who lost the part has featured in top Hindi and Marathi films including festival favourites and critically acclaimed darlings. She is not a household name—far from it—but is clearly an artist on the rise and one who has consistently got excellent reviews. She reportedly left the film without much of a fuss, but the crew has not let their producer forget that he revealed a complete absence of spine.

Our Guess

Courtroom Drama: Section 375

Actress: Meera Chopra

Producer: Kumar Mangat Pathak

Arthouse Actress:?



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