Guess Who – Producer Upsets Cast With His Tight Fistedness

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Cineblitz published this blind Item about a producer who has upset the cast and crew of his movie with his tight fistedness.

It is natural when a big budget movie is being made with the biggest stars of the industry that the expenditure is rather sky high. But then the revenue is even higher. This producer has landed himself in the bad books of his actors for failing,rather, refusing to provide for basic necessities on the sets. This producer is a well known face in bollywood and has produced many big budget movies that were huge hits. He has amassed huge profits from these productions. Yet he has this reputation of refusing the actors on set with basic amenities. The food,they say,was being ordered from a small low category restaurant. No wonder the stars who have to stick to a strict diet are dissatisfied. On the other hand, the producer is said to donate lakhs to the family of a crew member who lost his life in an accident on the sets.

But we think that it too much of a coincidence that the MeToo movement happened & stories of his benevolent ways made the news. he is rumored to have paid off several actresses who threatened to out him. He even had to pay off his director who was shamed in the MeToo movement. To add to his woes, his latest big budget epic flopped recently. Nothing is what it seems in Bollywood.

Blind Item

The upcoming film is been shot in a foreign location and has several big names involved. While behind the scene seem merry and fun to watch, what we actually get to see is the filtered version. Actors on the sets face several issues be it creative differences or ill-treatment, but have you ever heard of the cast and crew being upset with a producer for his tight-fistedness?

Well, a multi starrer film that is been shot in a foreign location right now, might show us grandeur on the big screen, but the cast and crew are not getting a very gala treatment we hear. According to sources, the whole cast and crew is upset with the producer, for, the service (as basic as food) they have been receiving on location is not up to the mark and it is because the producer doesn’t want to spend much. Our sources also tell us that the food served on the sets also come from a faraway small restaurant just to cut down the budget. In the past as well the producer has had such instances, but we will have to see for how long the cast carries on with such attitude. Can you guess who is the producer and the film?

Our Guess

Producer- Sajid Nadiadwala Movie- Housefull 4


3 thoughts on “Guess Who – Producer Upsets Cast With His Tight Fistedness

  • May 1, 2019 at 10:44 am

    A producer’s job is to spend money on the quality of the film and also to pay all the people working on the film , their fees on time. For this if luxuries of the cast, toplining the film is cut down, no problem. But yaa they should be given healthy and wholesome food and water, juices on the set, health cannot be compromised for money.

    • May 1, 2019 at 11:22 am

      true. but he has suffered huge losses lately

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