Guess Who – Son Of Superstar Is Getting Impatient For His Film Debut

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about the son of a superstar who is getting impatient to debut in the movies.

This father & son duo will be doing the voice over for a big budget hollywood movie. Social media is going berserk over the prodigal son’s resemblance to his superstar father in terms of his looks & his voice even. The father is rightly asking his son to get done with his education before he takes the plunge. It remains to be seen, how the son fares. He is lucky to have one of the biggest filmmaker’s, credited with launching & mentoring several star kids itching to groom him for a career in the movies.

Not much is known about his personal life. He is rumored to be close to the grand daughter of a megastar. The most scandalous piece of gossip though, is that his brother is actually his son! He impregnated a white woman while studying abroad & the woman decided against aborting the baby. His superstar father too admitted that such rumors exist & that he is aware of them.

Blind Item

THE gorgeous son of this mainstream star is chomping at the bit to make his film debut. We understand his impatience, especially after one of Bollywood’s top directors – quite the Svengali actually – approached him recently with a project. Unfortunately for the young lad, his abba leans on the side of strictness, and has in no uncertain terms declared that movies will have to wait until he completes his education. Fathers, we say!

Our Guess

Star: Shahrukh Khan

Son: Aaryan Khan

Top Director: Karan Johar


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