Guess Who – Superstar Has A Fall Out With Director

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Pinkvilla has published a blind item about a superstar who had a fall out with a director. This led to a young superstar replacing him.

When they made the first movie in the franchise, the superstar in question was the reigning box office king. He & the director battled comparisons to the original movie, which starred a megastar. The movie came out trumps at the box office clash against another movie starring two superstars, thanks mainly to the superstar in question’s marketing blitzkrieg. But how the mighty have tumbled. The superstar in question is on shaky ground now & badly needs a hit. His one time rivals have now surged past him. The third part of the franchise would have been a safe bet for him after recent debacles. We feel he will end up repenting this decision.

The director on the other hand is in the news for his relationship with a PYT. She openly defended her beau during the #MeToo storm. He was attacked for not outing his pervert cousin. A male source once informed us how the director once made a pass at him when they were alone in his vanity van!

Blind Item

Bollywood is a very unpredictable place. Friends turn foes within minutes and vice versa. We have known many actors and actresses fall out with each other over issues best known to them and we also know of those who have buried the hatchet and are back at being besties.

Unfortunately, the case in concern has gone from good to bad. This A-list actor has been friends with a talented director for years now. They have worked together on many films, that have done exceptionally well at the box office. And the audiences have been eagerly waiting for them to collaborate again. While there were rumours of them coming up with a new project, probably a film that’s part of their franchise, nothing officially was revealed by the actor or the director. Slowly, the reports died down, until recently, the speculations of the same movie hit headlines, however with a new hero. A relatively young face has replaced the superstar. Naturally, the tongues started wagging.

When we tried to dig in deep, we got to know from someone in the know that the talented actor and his director friend had issues with the script of the film. While the actor was suggesting certain changes, the film-maker refused to budge, leading to a fall out between the two. The issue wasn’t big enough that it couldn’t be sorted. But one thing led to another and the trouble brewed bigger. Hence, the actor preferred to walk out of the project.

Our Guess
A-List Actor: Shahrukh Khan
Director: Farhan Akhtar
Franchise: Don
Young Face: Ranveer Singh


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