Guess Who: Superstar Royally Ignores Actress’ Mother

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Spotboye has published a blind item about a superstar who royally ignored an actress’ mother at an awards show.

This superstar is known to have a giant sized ego. If you get on his wrong side not only will he stop talking or interacting with you, he will even drop you from all his projects. He will try to get his friends, cronies to drop you from their movies as well. He has been in the industry from more than three decades. He has a huge fan following & massive clout in the industry. His closeness to the ruling party also helps add to his clout.

But is very unlike him to take his anger out on family members or friends of people who get on his wrong side. The blind item speaks about him ignoring the mother of the actress who walked out on his movie. Maybe the mother having a say in every thing her daughter does, might be a reason behind the superstar’s behaviour.

Blind Item

This star enjoys a massive fan following and several B-Town ladies desire to work with him sometime or the other. But, he was taken aback when a top actress walked out of his film at the last minute. Such deep were the wounds that he still hasn’t forgotten that incident. At a recent awards show, when the superstar came face-to-face with the actress’ mother, he royally ignored her. Neither did he smile, nor did he greet and he just walked past by. Well, it looks like he believes in the saying, ‘Ignorance is bliss

Our Guess

Superstar: Salman Khan

Actress: Priyanka Chopra

Awards Show: IIFA


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