Guess Who: Filmmaker Refuses Superstar BFF’s Sequel

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Pinkvilla has published a blind item about a top filmmaker who refused his superstar BFF’s much awaited sequel.

The superstar referred to as the Charlie Sheen of India, parties like a teenager. His parties are filled with booze, cigarettes, drugs, struggling actors & filmmakers. Industry folk who attend these parties & stay on till late in the morning, cater to his whims are rewarded with plum projects. He himself may agree to either star or help out the people who suck up to him. The superstar’s poison of choice is vodka. He doesn’t eat much while drinking & his parties end at around 5AM. It is an unwritten rule that his producer, director, co-stars have to attend his parties. Anybody who refuses will be at the receiving end of his star tantrums. Women who sleep with him get a lot of leeway in this regard. When he is drunk, he insists on being referred to as “bhai”. His drinking binges are the reason he is seldom on time for his morning shoots. He is known to get drunk & pick fights with people at the party.

We doubt whether the superstar will mend his ways. He has been doing it since the past 3 decades & thriving despite his bad habits. Several botox shots, hair transplants etc do the job of not showing the effect of alcohol or old age on his face.

The filmmaker mentioned in the blind item himself has his share of scandals. He is rumored to have spent huge sums to stop actresses from outing him in the MeToo movement. He is known to bed struggling actresses in exchange for a role in his movies. We read an article which mentioned that his late actress wife used to cheat on him with an actor, who was seen in a reality show & is also close to the superstar mentioned in the article. It is rumored that his current wife too is fond of young men. A source told us that she is regularly seen in 5-star hotels checking into hotel rooms with young men. She always has a posse of bodyguards around her. There are many such marriages in bollywood!

Blind Item

There have been speculations about the super star’s next release. He was keen to do an action drama (and a sequel of one of his other film’s) with one of his close filmmaker pals, but was turned away, saying that the script wasn’t ready. Apparently, that was not the real reason.

When the super star’s big release did not happen as planned, he approached many directors, for a script and one of them was his best friend of years. They have made many blockbusters together (including their last one) so it was natural that the super star would approach his BFF in his time of crisis. But instead of bailing him out, the filmmaker dumped him. he told him he had no script ready when in reality it was far from the truth. While some people in the super star’s camp felt that it was the filmmaker’s close proximity to another star made him back out, that too wasn’t true.

The real reason why the filmmaker turned down the much-in-demand sequel was because he didn’t want to be at the super star’s beck and call. The filmmaker has been telling people around him that directing the super star would be a waste of his time and last time he had suffered enough. Turns out that when a director is directing the super star, he expects him to cater to every demand. The filmmaker would be called by the super star – anywhere from Dubai or drive down to a random city, at odd hours of the night, at the drop of a hat, even if he was busy with something else or sleeping at home. The super star would ask to hear the script and give his inputs or change it the way he felt best. The filmmaker has many films to do and doesn’t have the time to sit and party at the super star’s home whiling away their time till early morning as he has many releases lined up.

The filmmaker told his close friends that the super star doesn’t want a director but a ‘Yes man’ who will keep agreeing to whatever he says and that can have a damaging impact on the movie later. The filmmaker told people that while his sequel was ready, he didn’t want to start it now as its better he does three films with other actors than block one movie with the super star for a year. Nobody can do any other project except the super star’s as he is very demanding and wants complete control of the director and script whereas other actors are much more professional and complete films on time. Long ago, the filmmaker had approached one of the super star’s arch rivals. Though the project didn’t happen, it proved that the filmmaker wasn’t averse to working with other actors too.

It’s time the super star realized that times have changed and he can no longer function the way he earlier used to. BFF’s too can move on…

Our Guess

Superstar: Salman Khan

Filmmaker: Sajid Nadiadwala

Sequel: Kick 2


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