Guess Who – The Unpopular Cricket WAG

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about the unpopular cricket WAG, who picks hotels for the team based on vastu.

While there are not too many hints, about who the star wife is we are sure about who this celeb might be. Such command & clout can only be attributed to the wife of a top cricketer & most likely the wife of the captain. The captain’s wife – a established actress is known for her controlling & dominating nature. This was cited as one of the reasons for her ex-BF, now a young superstar breaking up with her. She was in love with him, but he broke with her to date & then marry another actress. This actress has made several remarks about his ex-BF wife in interviews indirectly. Her controlling nature was the cause of her breakup with the cricketer as well(when they were dating). But they patched things up & ended getting married.

There were blind items about her having a soothsayer follow her everywhere & chant mantras well. She is rumored to be keen on starting a family soon. That explains why she has not been signing any movies. But we personally do like her for being rather uncontroversial. There have been no rumors of her cheating, sleeping around for roles either.

Blind Item

NEWS of the missus’ popularity – or the lack of it perhaps – isn’t news to anybody. But recently the team mates of this sportsperson had had just enough. It seems the missus chose hotels for the team herself, not based on her travels and experience, but on her Vastu healer. All this mumbo-jumbo didn’t really work in the long run, and the team wanted her to please back off.

Our Guess

Missus: Anushka Sharma

Sportsperson: Virat Kohli


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