Guess Who – This Actress Takes Her Spiritual Guru Along Everywhere

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Pinkvilla has published a blind item about an actress who takes her spiritual guru along everywhere she goes.

While one would imagine the rich & famous to be less spiritual, not believe in rituals, superstition, nothing could be further from reality. Truth is these celebs, industrialists are highly superstitious & don’t do anything important without their religious guru’s consent. It is rumored that the most powerful families have rituals conducted 24*7 across temples in the country. We all have heard about a TV czarina who consults her numerologist over everything. Her hands are full of religious threads & amulets.

The more you have, the more is the fear of you losing it. It is this fear which drives these celebs to go to such an extent. Although one must admit that it is totally the celeb’s prerogative. There is nothing wrong in what they are doing. Even the celebs believe that luck after all does play a huge part in one’s success. While the actress mentioned in the blind item has everything going for her, her husband’s bad run at this season’s IPL must be making them restless.

Blind Item

We are living in the 21st century but it is a known fact that Bollywood biggies even today turn to numerology and astrology to determine success in Bollywood. So it came as no surprise when a moderately religious actress turned to the family’s priest for some advice. But a little birdie now tells us that she has gone a step further. Turns out, this producer actress, who is busy jet-setting to new places every other week for her films or other sporty ventures, cannot do without the presence of this religious head.

While, her good looking husband and she are ardent followers, she has now sought the baba’s help 24*7. Recently, the actress was in the City of Joy for the shooting of a small screen film and had the baba by her side. A source tells us that the multi-faceted actress had the spiritual guru’s chants ringing in her ears all the time. Talk about positive aura, eh?

With everything going right for this happily married couple, we wonder what’s the need for these spiritual chants on a regular basis?

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