Guess Who – These Actresses Are Yet To Pay Their Wedding Dues

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This blind item is from Pinkvilla about two high profile actresses who are yet to pay their wedding dues.

They are two most successful actresses and has been ruling Bollywood for some time now. They are directors’ favourite choices because of their stupendous acting skills and have had huge box office blockbusters.Coming from non-Bollywood families these two have risen in Bollywood due to their sheer talent, hard work and perseverance. Through these years they have not only garnered popularity and love of the audience but also a fair good amount of wealth. So last year when the two of them got married to the love of their lives, they choose exotic locales, elaborate ceremonies and receptions and of course expensive designer trousseau to celebrate.

The designer, famous especially for bridal outfits, is the favourite among most newly weds in Bollywood. His intricate designer outfits are worth lakhs and when high-profile celebs like these two actresses want him to custom design outfit for them, the price naturally gouges. It’s been months since their wedding. We wonder what is keeping them from paying him his dues.

We often caution our readers to not ape their movie stars’ lifestyles. Most of them are pretentious & can’t afford the lifestyle they want to enjoy. They run up huge bills just to keep the facade on. Many of them are then forced into the flesh trade in order to maintain their expensive lifestyle. But these two actresses won’t have to suffer that fate. They have married rich after all!

Blind Item

Paisa yeh paisa! TOP Bollywood ACTRESSES are yet to pay CRORES to a TOP WEDDING DESIGNER & sign off his dues!
Bollywood is all agog with talk of these top actresses who had grand weddings last year but haven’t paid their top designer for their lavish weddings at exotic locales.

As some say – money makes the world go round but not when it comes to paying up for their expenses for these two top actresses. They had the grandest of weddings last year but are yet to cough up some pending dues for their lavish weddings. This includes the fees of a Bollywood designer who is known to make some stylish yet horrendously expensive bridal outfits and matching jewellery for his elite clientele which include top stars, society queens and the wives of business tycoons.

While one is said to owe over the designer over 2.5 crores in jewellery which she had bought from him and worn for her numerous wedding events, the other actress is said to owe the designer wedding outfits over 50 lakhs. The destination weddings were extravagant and dreamy affairs, chosen with much deliberation and where money was spent like water without a care. The actresses, their friends and relatives wore designer wear and jewellery worth crores of rupees.

The weddings had all the trappings and ceremonies, including mehndi, sangeet, and reception, apart from the weddings itself, as both actresses got married to the men of their dreams, who were celebrities in their own worlds. But everything comes with a price tag and after the wedding got over one particular designer was left with holding two unpaid bills. Of course, during and the wedding events, his name was flashed bright and bold on both the actresses social media handles. But that wasn’t just the deal – as the actresses had agreed to the designer’s cost of outfits and jewellery too, when they signed him up.

The hapless designer himself is a high-profile wedding, outstation designer who is always in the news for his exclusive bridal designs and works. The designer has been lamenting over his unpaid dues to all that comes to his store to buy more goodies, in the hope that his voice will reach the two actresses. Mind you, both these actresses are rich and famous. Both actresses are international celebrities and have acted in Hollywood movies. They are currently endorsing brands worth crores of rupees and both have launched their production companies so coughing up a few crores of lakhs should not be a problem for them. One wonders what holds them from paying up the designer his dues as he seems to be giving them a bad reputation by complaining about them everywhere.

Our Guess

Actresses- Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra