The Story Behind The Deepika Ranveer Wedding

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Deepika Padukone & Ranveer Singh recently got married in Italy. The guest list was limited to close family & friends. We trace their dating hist before & after they met each other!

Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh have finally tied the knot at 7AM on Wednesday morning as per rituals. No image of the wedding has been released. This is making their fans quite restless as, they are eagerly awaiting to see how their favorite celebs look.

Most of Ranveer and Deepika fan clubs are already celebrating the wedding in the groups in their own way. They have even changed the names of their clubs to ‘Ladkewale’ and ‘Ladkiwale’ apart from unique photo edits of the couple.
The gala wedding tool place in Italy and they tied the knot in traditional Konkani rituals.

Deepika Ranveer Story
Deepika at her mehendi ceremony. Image Source:
Later they will also tie the knot in Punjabi style and have their ‘anand karaj’. Once they come back, they shall host two receptions. One will be hosted on November 21st in Bengaluru for their family and friends while the other will be hosted on November 28 in Mumbai for their Bollywood friends and colleagues.

Though finally, the couple has settled they did have their fare share of rumours and scandals.
The biggest rumour or rather news was the Deepika and Ranbir Kapoor affair. In fact, it was the main affair that every tabloid wanted to capture. If rumours are to be believed the couple was totally in love to such extent that Deepika even got Ranbir’s initials tattooed on her nape and did not even remove it after their breakup.
Deepika even came open on her cause of breakup that Ranbir cheated on her. Later, Ranbir also accepted he was immature in the relationship. Another one of Deepika’s alleged affair was with Fawad Khan. According to the rumors the duo was attending the IIFA ceremony in Madrid and the trio (yes Karan Johar was part of the secret) flew off to Barcelona for a vacation.(click here to read more).Though Fawad and KJo’s bond is not in question, Deepika and Fawad’s relationship definitely led to a question mark. And, to add fuel to the alleged affair, Deepika went on one knee for the charming Pakistani celeb.

The rumor of Deepika and Novak Djokovic came to light when his ex-girlfriend said ‘Novak Djokovic would be far happier dating Bollywood film star Deepika Padukone’. Deepika was spotted having a dinner date with the former world No 1 tennis player. Daily Mail could not recognize Deepika Padukone and called her his female companion. But, this rumor faded away as news of Deepika being a close friend of Novak’s wife Jelena came to light.

As, for Ranveer Singh, he’s not lagging behind in his list of affairs. The top on the list is his affair with debutante actress Anushka Sharma with whom he debuted in ‘Band Baja Baraat’. It is while shooting for this film that the alleged affair got it’s wings. Later, Anushka came out in the open on her relationship with Virat Kohli and then he was said to have dated Sonakshi Sinha as well before he began seeing Deepika.

But, the biggest blow was the label of being a sex addict on the AIB Roast. Ranveer is well known for his flirtatious ways and even Priyanka Chopra and Kareena Kapoor have faced embarrassment due to Ranveer blowing kisses at them in public.

Deepika Ranveer Story
Deepika & Ranveer dated for several years before they got married. Image Source:

Back to the wedding, their engagement took place today as Ranveer went on his knees as he put the engagement ring on her finger while Deepika stood fully emotional with tears of joy in her eyes. As, for their wedding date- 15th November has another important value. It just happens to be the release date of Goliyon Ki Rasleela Ram-Leela that got released in 2013!

Irrespective of whether they have remained exclusive or were in an open relationship, fact remains that they are now married. We wish them all the best!


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