Guess Who – This Actor Doesn’t Address A Director As Ma’am Anymore

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Spotboye has published a blind item about a young actor who doesn’t address a director as ma’am anymore after starring in a few hits.

Seniors get addressed as sir or ma’am, by newbies. But the moment they supersede their seniors or achieve a certain level of success they start referring to their seniors by their first name. It often happens not just in bollywood, but in the corporate world as well. While many seniors insist on not being referred to as sir/ma’am, some revel in it. We feel the sir/ma’am is a relic of colonial times & should be done with. Is this director worthy of being referred to as ma’am, just because she has spent more time in the industry? She should have stopped the young actor from referring to her as “ma’am” in the first place. But nevertheless, since the star used to refer to her as ma’am earlier, it was wrong on his part to call her by her name all of a sudden. But that is Delhi for you!

It is sad to hear that his much liked actor just is getting arrogant. We loved the way his wife carried herself & fought a deadly disease. He must not forget the days when he had to literally fall at his more successful co-star’s feet to not exit film helmed by the director in question.

Blind Item

No, he is not having a scene with her. It’s just that he has become too big for his boots. A couple of hits and a bit of female following- and you know it is. Chest and head both swell up. So, this director who gave him one of the biggest films of his life was addressed as Ma’am by him earlier, but now? No way! He has started calling her by her first name! No, the director is not on back-slapping terms with him. In fact, she has started cringing whenever he has a conversation with her nowadays- not that she wants to be called ma’am, it’s just how much this guy has changed!

Our Guess

Actor: Ayushmann Khurana
Director: Ashwini Iyer-Tiwari


2 thoughts on “Guess Who – This Actor Doesn’t Address A Director As Ma’am Anymore

  • April 23, 2019 at 5:14 pm

    Apparently all the outsiders get arrogant with one hit but the star kids stay the humble pies that they are .. awww ..

    • April 23, 2019 at 6:32 pm

      Sometimes it is not the stars who get arrogant, but it is the people who expect too much from them


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