Guess Who – This Actor Lost 15crores On A Bet

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about an actor who lost 15crores on a bet to a bookie. He has made the bookie a co-producer in an upcoming movie.

Betting is banned in our currently. Many bookies are have been put behind bars. But that doesn’t seem to dissuade many men, including our bollywood celebs. One superstar is known to watch every cricket match & bet huge sums on them. He is shrewd enough to never place the bets himself. He makes his crony – the son of a former wrestler to place the bets on his behalf. How else do you explain this wrestler’s son – who does character roles in the superstar’s movies & is a reality contestant winner, being arrested for betting huge sums? How did he get the money to bet huge sums on cricket matches? The superstar had to do an extended guest appearance in a small movie due to his gambling debts to a producer. The producer marketed the movie in a way which made people feel that the superstar had a full fledged role.

Other known betting aficionados include a yesteryear actor, who is now known more as the father of a young actress who recently had her debut. The other includes a villain turned comedian – his daughter is an actress, who is now dating a photographer.

But is the blind item about this khiladi superstar? Or is it someone younger? Either way, looks like this celeb has an expensive addiction. He better keep it under control or he might end up like the tennis legend, who is now forced to auction his medals.

Blind Item

THIS tall actor is quite the high roller, it seems. But what’s a few crores here or there when you’re raking in the big bucks. Apparently, when the much-loved actor lost some Rs 15 crore on a bet, he merely asked the bookie to get on board as a producer for his next film. The bookie was apparently wise enough to recognise how good a deal this was – and he actually ended up making more than twice the sum in the bargain. Well, you know what they say – It’s all fun and games… until someone loses his shirt.

Our Guess

Tall Actor: Akshay Kumar?


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