Guess Who: This Actor Loves His Bachelor Lifestyle

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Pinkvilla has published a blind item about a good looking actor who loves his bachelor lifestyle & is refusing to get into a committed relationship.

While it is an open secret that this actor’s BFF is quite a player, turns out it is him who is the bigger player. This actor has dated quite a few beauties, but thanks to his not so successful career his hook ups don’t make the news. Our source informed us that the one of his exes – a star kid with whom he gave a blockbuster, used to invite him over for a night cap long after they had broken up. Looks like our boy, has game. Apart from this actress, he has dated another star kid, current GF of another actor & hooked up with another co-star. These are the linkups that we are aware of. A source who worked as an AD, mentioned that this actor is quite the player, with a steady stream of women entering his home during odd hours.

Maybe he is taking a cue from his elder brother, who has been divorced several times. While the elder brother has been married to an actress for quite a while, there are rumors that there was some turbulence in the marriage a few years back. Some sources insist that the elder brother himself is quite the “hunter”, especially of aspiring actresses.

Blind Item

Relationships are quite fragile today, especially in the Hindi film industry. There are several couples who we know and talk about but also some who don’t admit to being in love openly enough.

We are talking about this really good looking young actor, who has been struggling to make his mark in the industry. While he has always been criticised for his bad acting chops, he definitely grabs attention for his drop dead gorgeous looks and his steamy affairs.

He has been in a steady relationship with a pretty supermodel and the two have also discussed about making it official. But we hear that our hottie isn’t quite ready to commit yet.

Despite being in love, he lives life like a bachelor. He’s often spotted hanging around with several top models and other actors and was also recently in news for a rumoured affair with his latest co-star, who also happened to have dated an action hero.

Problems have started erupting in the love story after our leggy model wanted to get married. She wants to settle down with him and is madly in love with our hero. But just like his best friend, the young turk also fears the idea of commitment and marriage. In fact, he has not even made his girlfriend formally meet the family, leave aside going public with it. He has even gone ahead and announced that he’s happily single which has left the girl heartbroken.

Their mutual friends have been constantly trying to knock some sense in her, since the hero has the reputation of a philanderer.

The girl had even informed her close friends and family last year that they plan to get married in 2020 but with reports of him cheating on her coming up, their union seems unlikely.

Our Guess

Young Actor: Aditya Roy Kapoor

Latest Co-Star: Disha Patani

Model: Diva Dhawan

Best Friend: Ranbir Kapoor


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