Guess Who – This Actor Will Marry The Girl His Mom Picks

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about a young actor who will marry the girl his mom picks for him.

Delivering three successive hits, this young actor is on cloud nine and is the newest hearththrob of B-town. Even the famous star kid wants to date him and rumours are that they are indeed dating after signing a film together(at least that what their mentor wants you to believe). Given his good looks and acting skills,no doubt young girls are crazy for him and he’s been getting proposals from all over the country. But just then to break all his female fan’s hearts, he said that he will be marrying the girl his mother chooses for him. A Mama’s boy indeed!

It was recently reported that one of his co-stars had an issue with over him trying to portray a playboy image. But turns out he is shrewd. He is well aware of the high handedness of actresses. While dating an actress gets you a lot of attention, they are high maintenance & difficult to manage.

Blind Item

This haughty young actor,who is trying very hard to work on his playboy image,was on a flight to Rajasthan with your diarist recently. The flight attendant,an attractive lady herself,was most excited to have the rising star in her care and was showering him with much attention. The actor was beside himself enjoying her heed. But before we knew it,his gaucheness got the better of him. He informed her that he was getting marriage proposals quite regularly from all over India but would finally marry the girl his mother would choose. Ick.

Our Guess

Young actor- Kartik Aryan


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