Guess Who: This Actress Is A Social Climber

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about an actress is turning out be a social climber. She dated three guys back to back.

How we wish we had a penny for every blind item about this young actress & three relationships. Apart from the one relationship with an actor’s son, we think all the others are fake. Her mentor has been planting these stories to create a buzz around her. She might be feeling insecure with her co-star of her debut movie, for bagging more projects than her. Her co-star seems to be spending big on growing her social media following & PR.

Blind Item

THIS young new female actor is fast falling into disrepute for being a social climber and an opportunist. Dating the son of a famous actor, she dumped him soon after his debut got delayed. Right after her own film released, she reportedly began seeing her mentor’s protégé. When her film was done, so was her steady date. Now we hear she is moving around with another young man, who isn’t a star, but comes from a famous film family. Well, we guess, it’s better than hooking up with her trainer.

Our Guess

Actor: Tara Sutaria

Son Of Famous Actor: Rohan Mehra

Protege: Siddharth Malhotra

Young Man:?


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